1st I feel like me being in my 30’s it


 I feel like me being in my 30’s it is time for me to sit and plan my retirement out so that I am not broke and have no money coming in. I want to know more about this as far as if I am starting late how to make up for the lost time that I haven’t saved. I am on student loans to pay for my college and I know I will have to budget my monthly payments so I can pay it all back when I am done. If need be, I could postpone them for up to 6 months and get my finances together to get on track to start paying again, I think it helps that some go off your income. 

I have been looking into as many scholarships as possible so that I don’t have to pay as much back, borrowing just the amount I need helps as well. When the time comes to start making payments just being prepared to the budget that it will not affect long-term finances as much as it would if I didn’t budget it in. 



There were a number of concepts from Chapters 10 and 11 that are important to personal finances. For instance retirement. Full disclosure I didn’t start saving for my retirement until about 4 years ago. Before reading this chapter I still didn’t quite understand how it worked and what exactly I was doing. Chapter 10 definitely provided clarity on how to prepare for retirement, what it is for, and how to use it. Chapter 11 went into depth about investing. Another topic I had no idea about. It provided some clarity but I feel like I still have some questions. Investments, stocks, portfolios, returns, risks, all of that is still another language to me. 

Although this was covered in the chapters that we read this week I would like to use my own personal experience with this matter. I have used and continue to use federal loans to pay for school. When I had to start paying on my loans, before I came back to school, I received a letter. The letter stated that it was time to start paying on my loans and to register for an online account or call the number provided. I did both. When I called to speak with someone they provided an amount that I would start paying monthly. At the time it was way too much and I stated just that to the agent. She then can back with a more reasonable amount that I could pay. Chapter 10 also explained this.

A college education definitely promotes the chance of a better income and better employment opportunities. There are many things to consider when it comes to school loan repayment. Scholarships and employment reimbursement for school can help with repaying or paying for a college education.

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