2 Please follow the link(s) to each page and read the information that is posted concerning the museums’ mission statements, starting with the Palmer Museum


Please follow the link(s) to each page and read the information that is posted concerning the museums’ mission statements, starting with the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State. All links are below in the RESOURCE LINKS FOR ASSIGNMENT section. Once you have done that, explore the website and think about how well the mission statement reflects what you see there. Once you have finished that part of the assignment, then you will be asked to write your own mission statement based on what kind of museum you might want to create.

Guiding questions: After taking a quick look at the links provided for all of the examples below, choose the one museum and their Mission Statement that stood out to you and discuss their vision and purpose in depth answering each question below. Please copy and paste the questions into a word.doc along with your Mission Statement that you will created after the guided questions.


1. What kind of museum did you select to discuss, from the websites, an art museum or something else?

2. Why did the museum that you selected Mission Statement stand out to you?

3. Explain the content of the Mission Statement, what is the museum’s vision, purpose, concern?



Links to an external site.

Links to an external site.


The Palmer Museum of Art: Penn State University – since
 the museum is under construction, please refer to the information provided directly from the museum (below)

Mission Statement

Penn State’s Palmer Museum of Art serves as a cultural and scholarly resource for the University and audiences from Pennsylvania, the nation, and the world.  Through an array of thought-provoking exhibitions and multidimensional programs, the Palmer encourages critical thinking, inspires curiosity and creativity, and fosters respect for diverse cultures and points of view.  In accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards, the museum preserves and augments the collections it holds in trust for future generations.

Vision Statement

The Palmer Museum of Art will reach every Penn State student through a meaningful museum experience and will be a preeminent public cultural destination.

Museum Core Values

· RELEVANCE: We are a place where innovation and discovery happen every day, and we are responsive to an ever-changing world. We utilize technology, research, and our university community to cultivate partnerships that keep us relevant and on the leading edge.

·  INTEGRITY: We act, work, and treat one other and our constituents with the respect and dignity deserving of a world-class museum and university, and we do so at all times and in all places. We are committed to the highest standards of the profession and to best practices around inclusivity, diversity, and equity, as well as to being leaders in the field that other institutions can model.

· SERVICE: We deliver our work in the spirit of service leadership, creating an open and welcoming environment for exploration, wellness, and stewardship. In doing so we advance the University’s threefold mission of teaching, research, and service.

·  ENGAGEMENT: We create a culture and environment that leads to meaningful experiences for all and has a transformative impact on our constituents. We understand that to be truly engaged we must act and work in an open, transparent, and collaborative manner with our colleagues and those whom we serve.



Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): NYCLinks to an external site.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: NYCLinks to an external site.


Longer Mission Statement PDFLinks to an external site.


Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAD): DetroitLinks to an external site.


Reading Public Museum: Reading, PALinks to an external site.

· The Ringling: Sarasota, FLA: This is actually three museums in one!


The Ringling: John and Mable Ringling Museum of ArtLinks to an external site.


Circus MuseumLinks to an external site.


CA’ D’ZanLinks to an external site.



Now it is time to create your own museum in Spatial.io and write your Mission Statement for a museum that you create. Here are the steps that you should use to create your museum in Spatial and Mission Statement:


Directions for Mission Statement: (minimum of 150 words in Word.doc format) 

1. First decide what kind of collection you want your museum to house. It could be anything (just keep it respectful)! Perhaps you have a collection of old video games that you used to play, or refrigerator magnets that you have collected from your travels. Alternatively, your collection could be a group of things that you would like to have, or perhaps be based on something virtual. Describe your collection and why you chose it. Be creative!

2. Name your museum.

3. Write your mission statement using some of the same key concepts that you discovered while comparing the museum statements above.

*Please also include a short response/feedback about how you liked or didn’t like Spatial.


SPATIAL DIRECTIONS within Module and follow directions (there is a video and very descriptive directions) for completing your own museum within Spatial and attach weblink.

*Remember your museum must have at least 15 images of what your mission statement describes, make your museum as you see it. I cannot wait to join your space and navigate through your museum! 


Interacting With the World:

1. Rotate your view of the world around you by clicking and holding the left mouse button, then moving your mouse left-to-right and vice versa.

2. Left-click on the ground to move your avatar to the spot where you have clicked, or use the arrow keys to navigate.

3. The controls at the bottom-left of the screen allow you to communicate with others in the space: voice, video, and gestures.

4. Use the controls at the bottom-center of the screen to leave a Sticky Note for the owner of the space, search a term or web URL, add something to the space, or share your screen.

5. Each space has a chat box that can be located in the bottom-right of the screen.

6. Interact with objects by clicking on them once and then selecting from options like Lock/Unlock, Replace, and Info.

7. Exit the space by clicking the 
Leave button in the upper-right corner.

Uploading Artwork in Spatial Directions:

1. Hover your cursor over the center of the frame where it says “Upload Art” until you see a pointer finger. Click on “Upload Art.” A pop-up will appear. Click on “Upload.” Drag and drop your image, or select an image from your device. 

2. To magnify the artwork, hover your cursor over the image and click on the magnifying glass.  

3. If you click along the edge of the artwork, you will notice several options that will show up in blue at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select “Info” to add your first name and last name initial and art work description (optional). Click Save. If you choose to add your name and title, please add them to the artwork on the right.

5. After uploading your images, take a screenshot of your uploaded work and submit it with your assignment and weblink for me to navigate to your musuem. 

6. You can leave by closing your window. 


If you uploaded the wrong image:

1. Click on your image, click on the “Replace” button at the bottom of the screen, and upload the correct image.

2. Do not hit “Delete” because it will remove the frame!

If you accidentally deleted the frame:

1. Click on the “+” on the bottom of screen to “add content.”

2. Click on the “stuff” tab on the left.

3. Then select Empty Frame. It will be the first option.

4. An empty frame will appear in front of your avatar, you will have to click and drag it or use the edit menu to adjust the X, Y, and Z axis along with scale to get it close to where their art goes.

To take a screenshot:

1. Mac: Shift, Command, 4

2. PC: Windows, Shift, S

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