A University is holding an annual fundraising event. Once a


A University is holding an annual fundraising event.  Once a year,  the fund-raising office at the University mails requests for donations  to the alumni. The staff uses a word processing program and a personal  information database to create personalized letters. Data on past  contributions and other alumni information, however, is stored manually.  The administrative staff recently submitted a systems request asking  the University IT department to develop a computerized alumni  information system. The University does not have a formal systems review  committee, and each department has an individual budget for information  services.

As the residential systems analyst, you have performed a preliminary  investigation and concluded that the system met all the feasibility  tests. After reading your report, the staff asks you to proceed with the  systems analysis modeling phase. You have scheduled an interview with  the administrative staff, what should you do to prepare for the  interview?  Specifically, what topics should be discussed?  Can you list  all the topics you should cover during the interview? Are you prepared  to begin to obtain the required information to begin the next step of  the process in moving forward with the systems analysis phase? 

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