Humans May Not Be Able to Handle as Much Heat As Scientists Thought Criteria Summarizes the article highlighting key points What are the long-term impacts of the issues surrounding your article? Who or what is impacted? Financial impacts? How does it impact your life or society in general? What is your overall opinion of what […]

need journal summary uploaded the rubric

Criteria Exceeds Expectations 3 points Meets Expectations 2 points Does Not Meet Expectations 1 point Not Evident 0 points Criterion Score Summarizes the article highlighting key points “Meets Expectations “criteria AND refers to the importance of why it is a key element within the article Succinctly highlights the key points in the article Shows limited […]


attached STEM notebook Project Save the Oceans: Make a Device That Cleans Our Oceans DESIGN CHALLENGES You’re going to make something amazing and you’re going to start on it today. It’s going to be something that has never existed before in the history of humanity. You know how you typically turn in an assignment to […]