Deadline Individual Project 1: 11:59PM Oct 5 Individual Project 2: 11:59PM Nov 2 Where to submit: Select Individual Project on

Deadline ? Individual Project 1: 11:59PM, Oct 5 ? Individual Project 2: 11:59PM, Nov 2 • Where to submit: Select “Individual Project” on the left navigator on Blackboard. Then, you can see the submission links for Individual Projects 1 and 2. Click the links to submit each project. • Format: Word Document • Font: Times New Roman (Size 12; Double Space) • Length: 3 pages minimum (except cover page and reference page) • Originality Check: When you cite any source, please paraphrase the sentences you cite and make them as your own words. I will check the originality of your paper. If the originality is less than 70
%, you will get “0” point. • Reference (citation) lists should be provided at the last page in your assignment (if needed). For the reference or citation format, please follow the “APA style 6th Edition.” • • Please keep the deadlines for the projects. Late submissions will cause late penalties on your grade (1 point deduction per each day). • Each student will submit each Individual Project through the Blackboard by each due date. When you submit each Individual Project , please include your last name after the Individual Project at the name of each file (e.g., Individual Project_1_Lee). Marketing Decision Making Individual Projects – Topic • Please select one out of the following automobiles and I. Analyze Marketing Environments (Individual Project 1) and II. Conduct SWOT Analysis (Individual Project 2). Note that the automobile chosen for the projects 1 and 2 should be the same. For example, if you analyzed marketing environments for Model 3, you should conduct a SWOT analysis for Model 3. – Volkswagen e-Golf – Audi e-tron – BMW i3 – Jaguar I-PACE – Kia Soul EV – Chevrolet Bolt EV – Hyundai Kona EV – Nissan Leaf – Tesla Model 3 • Each should be the latest model as of Sep 2020. • Please provide your name and the chosen model in the cover page.

Individual Project 2 (due date: Nov 2) – SWOT Analysis • Conduct a SWOT Analysis • Relevant Chapter: Ch2 • Outline – Identify the 4 factors in SWOT • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats – Provide ideas regarding • how to convert weaknesses into strengths • how to convert threats into opportunities • how to match internal strengths with external opportunities to develop competitive advantages.

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