Deliverable 6 Case Your company has just completed the first


Deliverable 6 Case

Your company has just completed the first half of the year. Sales activity has dropped significantly due to the unprecedented effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. The monthly financial packages prepared are now demonstrating significant variances between the actual performance and the annual static budget that was prepared in the latter part of last year in which actual results are compared to. You have been asked by the divisional manager how to determine a better way to understand the variances and to make the comparison of actual performance to something more meaningful.

Present the value of comparing actual results to a flexible budget in this situation. Submit your presentation as either a written or oral response to this case in the form of a clear explanation. Use your best communication skills and be feel free to be creative. 

Note: For an oral response, you may use Video Note or submit an audio recording using the software of your choosing. 


You may submit this deliverable for initial feedback. Faculty will review your work using a scoring guide that reflects competency levels required in the workplace and will provide you with substantive feedback and suggestions for how to improve if needed. It is good practice to review both the evaluation checklist and the scoring guide as you prepare your deliverable.  

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