Discussion 2 links: https:www.apsanet.org https:www.isanet.org Discussion 3 links: https:www.cambridge.orgcoreservicesaopcambridgecorecontentview8A14EC673CE2459E4EDD5AF4B1B704C7S104909651700141Xa.pdfcontentiouspoliticsinthetrumpera.pdf Discussion 4: It has a few readings. I

Discussion 2 links:
Discussion 3 links:
Discussion 4:
It has a few readings. I attached a document that has the link to each reading.
Discussion 6:
It is based off of one reading. The reading is Kaufman, “Inequality and Redistribution: Some Continuing Puzzles,” PS, 2009. You will find it on the discussion 6 attachment.

I actually only need 8 discussions.
So that will be 4 pages
I just uploaded
half of the prompts. I will uploaded you the other half when I get off of work.

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