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Provide a 150- word response to each discussion posting listed below.

1. The researcher was honest regarding her positionality as a Black woman faculty member, recognizing the potential influence of her background on the study. To maintain objectivity and reduce the impact of personal biases, the researcher implemented several strategies. First, she openly acknowledged her positionality, promoting transparency. Second, the researcher actively sought to prevent any unintentional influence on data analysis by engaging in peer debriefing. This process involved seeking input and feedback from others, including the dissertation chair and fellow researchers, to ensure a diversity of perspectives and minimize the impact of individual biases. Also, the researcher consistently engaged in self-reflection, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to reflexivity throughout the study. These measures collectively underline the researcher’s dedication to producing diligent and unbiased research despite her background. In the informed consent process, participants in the study were recruited following approval from the university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), ensuring compliance with ethical standards. The initial invitation to participants was transparent, clearly stating the study’s purpose, expected interview duration, and offering contact information for any inquiries. To formalize participants’ agreement to take part, consent forms were collected, surrounding both electronic and signed copies. These consent forms served to obtain approval for participation and explicitly outlined permissions for recording interviews. To protect the well-being of participants, several measures were implemented throughout the research process. Emphasizing emotional welfare, the researcher took steps such as offering participants access to counseling services and creating an environment where they could take breaks during interviews if needed. Identity protection was a priority, with the use of pseudonyms to guard participants’ real identities. Also, participants were encouraged to communicate through personal email addresses rather than work-related ones, further ensuring confidentiality. These protective measures aimed to create a secure and supportive space for participants, acknowledging the sensitive nature of the study’s subject matter and prioritizing their comfort and privacy. Robinson, J. L. (2018). 
Imposterized: The Experiences of Tenured and Tenure-Track Black Women Instructional Faculty at California Community Colleges. California State University.

2. While reading the dissertation by Derrick Crim entitled,
 A Phenomenological Study of Stress and Burnout Experienced by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, there were several ethical considerations used to ensure that the study maintained the standards and compliance of the IRB (Institutional review board) (Roberts, 2019). In chapter three Crim mentions these ethical considerations as “the potential threat and harm to privacy during the sampling and analyzing data” and the act of “connecting any identifying information with research participants eliminates anonymity” (Crim, 2013). These considerations required action from the researchers on behalf of the participants to make the study safe continue. The potential harm and threat to privacy occurs during two stages of the project. During the sampling of data there are typically questionnaires and interviews which may or may not require the use of the internet for communication, or in some instances they are filled out by hand by the participants and the information is left in the care of the researcher (Roberts, 2019). Due to this potential for breach within the process Crim utilized pseudonyms for the participants and the organizations were kept confidential. In addition, Crim required that the participants fill out a consent form describing the process (Crim, 2013). During the data analysis process there is the opportunity for the researchers to fabricate the data and falsify information through the interpretation of the findings (Roberts, 2019). Crim closely followed the criteria for trustworthiness in a study by maintaining credibility, dependability, and transferability throughout the study. Crim used a systematic search for explanations and interpretations to maintain credibility, provided a detailed explanation of data collection and analysis to maintain dependability, and showed a realistic picture using “thick description” to maintain transferability (Crim, 2013).

3. When evaluating the dissertation study by Derrick Crim there were few changes that I would suggest for the methodological design, however, to complete the assignment I would suggest that the sampling could be adjusted. According to Roberts, when sampling from several research sites there is a greater chance for error or harm to the participants. As a precaution, Roberts suggests that the research sites should be always respected. This includes asking and obtaining written permission leading to an opportunity to maintain the highest ethical standards (Crim, 2013; Roberts, 2019).

When conducting the research for the dissertation, Crim selected 15 participants from various treatment settings of all ages and backgrounds. This is a standard choice to leading to a more complete study of the total group (Crim, 2013; Roberts, 2019). However, in this instance the study would be a greater benefit to counselors if the stress and burnout factors were calculated by each individual setting. The stress and burnout factors have the potential to change depending on the setting and Crims’ study includes, a juvenile setting, adult treatment program and an adult treatment program in a controlled setting (Crim, 2013). For example, if the study selected 15 participants from the juvenile setting all the results could be centralized to that specific setting. This would lead to a greater understanding of the phenomenon within this setting prompting a follow up study for the subsequent settings. As a result, the the three studies could be compared to identify the universal stress and burnout factors present within each of the settings (Crim, 2013).

4. Have you started thinking about your own methodology for your study? If so, what are your thoughts so far? What are your concerns thus far about your methodology?

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Please provide a 150 word- response to each discussion post below: 1. At this point in the process there are ironically very few questions and yet so many questions that remain to be answered. For starters I find it difficult to ask questions about the process when I am not