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1. To research how coping mechanisms vary among African American women in leadership roles who experience the impostor phenomenon, a comprehensive mixed-methods approach will be used, integrating both quantitative and qualitative instruments. The quantitative aspect includes surveys or interviews featuring specific questions about coping mechanisms and strategies. Psychological scales will be utilized to quantitatively measure coping styles, providing structured data on the preferred mechanisms employed by participants. This quantitative portion works toward identifying patterns and correlations between specific coping styles, such as seeking mentorship or engaging in self-affirmation, and impostor phenomenon scores. The numerical data will offer a systematic exploration of the prevalence and effectiveness of various coping strategies among the study participants.

The anticipated qualitative data will be collected through in-depth interviews, promoting a deeper understanding of coping mechanisms within the context of personal narratives. These qualitative insights will provide detailed illustrations of the diversity of coping strategies used by African American women in leadership roles facing the impostor phenomenon. By observing the differences of individual experiences, these narratives will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the contextual factors influencing the choice and efficacy of coping mechanisms. The use of both quantitative and qualitative data will explore coping mechanisms while shedding light on the complex interplay between individual strategies and the impostor phenomenon in the specific context of African American women in leadership roles.

2. One of the research questions that will be proposed for the dissertation is: Does culture play an important role in use? This question as part of a phenomenological study seeks to understand the role of culture in the acceptance of gateway drugs. The concept for the study is that gateway drugs, such as caffeine, tobacco, prescription medications and alcohol (to some degree) are accepted by society in a way that lends to the introduction to drugs and addiction while increasing the odds for relapse. According to a recent study by Hayley Treloar, from the Journal of Caffeine Research, “…caffeine and tobacco may be used interchangeably, due to their similar stimulant effects. Albeit by different pathways, caffeine and nicotine both enhance dopaminergic activity, …and their popularity is due in part to their propensity to boost energy, concentration, alertness, and mood. Individuals who enjoy and seek these effects may use either substance for these outcomes” (Treloar, 2014) 


It is anticipated that any instrumentation used to gather data will need to show the prevalence of gateway drug usage in culture for a target population, show the prevalence of natural replacement therapy in culture for a target population, and show the level of knowledge present within the target population regarding the potential benefits and harmful outcomes for both gateway drugs and natural replacement therapy. The goal is to identify if there is enough interest in natural replacement therapy to incorporate the solution within treatment settings.

However, there also may be a need to establish the facts regarding the use of gateway drugs, such as, cigarettes, tobacco and prescription drugs in treatment setting. Facts supporting use of gateway drugs in treatment settings show that a lack of knowledge regarding the topic could potentially be hindering the success of treatment episodes and lends to the argument that culture plays a significant role in use and that a need for change is present.

3. Creating a unique research question is an important aspect of any research study. This research question should propel the study towards a solution that could solve a societal problem. One such research question is, Will adopting natural replacement therapy alter treatment outcomes significantly? I have discussed the importance of identifying cultural factors, showing whether gateway drugs were important in the quitting process, and the effectiveness of clinicians in aiding the end of use. The addition of this unique research question will seek out information to show how natural replacement therapy (NRT) a boon to positive treatment outcomes can be or otherwise.


It will be important for research to show the appropriate data in a way that furthers the study and proves or disproves the viability of this treatment option. Research will need to show how effective NRT is at limiting treatment episodes. This information will show that the treatment is working, and it prevents clients from re-entering treatment within a certain time frame as opposed to the traditional treatment methods. In addition, research will need to show that the presence of NRT is not harmful and is in fact useful in the healing process for clients in the treatment setting. This information presents NRT as a viable option and ensures that there is no additional harm from use and displays the benefits if present.


Based on the information needed for the study I would suggest that the Phenomenological qualitative study would aid in determining the problems in the addictions’ treatment setting and the effectiveness in treatment outcomes using NRT. 


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