For this assignment you will write a Business Report on one of the following topics the report should only focus

For this assignment, you will write a Business Report on one of the following topics (the report should only focus on one of the below topics: do not combine them all into your report):
The impact of wages on employee productivity and/or morale
The impact of management on employee productivity and/or morale
Which is more valuable: social media marketing or email marketing? Why?
Cite any information or statistics you get from outside sources in your text using parenthetical citations. See the Documenting your subject PowerPoint for more guidance. Note, however, that your business report does not need to include a formal Works Cited page.
Things to keep in mind for this assignment (read this list carefully–failure to adhere to these points may negatively impact your grade for this assignment):
Your report must have a title page.
Your report must have a table of contents.
Your report must have an executive summary.
Your report must have page numbers.
Remember that good layout (including headings, bullet lists, and so on) is important. Also, remember to proofread!
The title page must be on its own page. The table of contents must be on its own page. The executive summary must be on its own page. However, the main body of the report should flow from page to page (in other words, dont put each section of the main body of the report on its own page).
The report must be between 6 and 7 pages single-spaced (1 page is title page, 1 page is table of contents, 1 page is executive summary, and 3-4 pages are the main body. Note that if your executive summary is only a paragraph, it still goes on a separate page). Do not indent your paragraphs. Instead, skip a line between paragraphs. Also, take into account the elements of style we talked about and what your reading discussed.
You can use the organizational format that makes the most sense for your report. A good option may be using the Specific to General format, but this is not required if another one suits your purpose better.
Your audience for this is a decision maker.
If you want to use real-life examples from your own experience, you certainly can.
When writing your executive summary and deciding how much detail to give and whether or not to include data in the executive summary, remember that
don’t want to include so much detail that you end up basically writing the report twice. But, you also want to include enough detail that it gets at the essence of the document. So, while in general you wouldn’t include specific data in the executive summary, in some instances, you might. Or you could refer people to the section of your report that includes the data, and include the top-level conclusions and/or recommendations in your executive summary. Remember, the executive summary is the “elevator pitch” for your report. If you only have 60 seconds to outline/describe your report to someone, what information would you include so they come away with a good understanding of what’s in your report?
You dont need to include a Works Cited page.
When you submit your table of contents, make sure that it includes the section/heading title (for example, Executive summary) and the page the section/heading starts on. If the section/heading falls on more than one page, only include the first page it falls on. For example, if you include Discussion in your table of contents, and the discussion goes from pages 4-5, your table of contents would just show Discussion…… 4, not Discussion………..pages 4-5.

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