For this last week’s written assignment, I thought it would

For this last week’s written assignment, I thought it would be nice to give you all two options to pick from. You can do a creative prompt or one that is more research based.


You all are studying Surrealism this chapter and many artists turned to collage as a way to depict the dreamworld or otherworldly scenes. With this in mind, you’ll create your own Surrealist collage! Some examples are below.

  • You may do this digitally with photographs (or a digital program that collages) or by hand, cutting images from any source you see fit (magazines, newspapers, mailers, etc). The key is to recombine them in a way that is unusual and creates interesting juxtapositions. I’ve included some examples below. 
  • You’ll submit these collages to me along with 150 words or more describing the process and final product for me. Enjoy the process and have fun with it! 
    • Some questions to help guide you include: How can you relate it to what we’ve studied about Surrealism? What did you enjoy about this assignment? What was surprising in creating your scene? Does it hold any meaning to you?  Did you go into this with a clear idea of what you wanted to create? Why or why not? 
  • If you’re having trouble, please email me for guidance. 


Chapter 22 discussed the many artists actively creating art in the early 20th century. Yet sadly our book, like many art history textbooks, is slow to include the work of artists who have been historically marginalized. Let’s use this assignment to explore a bit more the work of artists in the 20th and 21st centuries who are often left out of official histories of art.

  1. Explore the work of modern and contemporary artists who identifies as Asian/Asian American, African/African American, Native American, Middle Eastern, LGBTQI+, and/or Latinx from the links below.  
    • A note: I understand that this could be seen as a limited list in and of itself. I apologize for those artists and groups that are left out as this list is not entirely inclusive. 
  2. Select ONE artist and TWO works of art by your artist to discuss.  Here are some helpful links to lists of artists. 
    • African & African American Artists
    • Asian & Asian American Artists
    • Native American Artists
    • Latinx Artists
    • LGBTQI+ Artists
    • Middle Eastern Artists
  3. Write 300 words or more describing the overall style and approach of your artist (minimize biography and focus more on their artistic style). If you can, connect this to the two works you selected. 
    • What did you uncover in your research? Why did this work stand out to you? Why is this information exciting, important, relevant to our course, etc.?  Again, I’m looking for you to do research but to present it in your own words. 
  4. Remember to:
    • Your artist needs to be active in the 20th and 21st centuries
    • Include your images in the document you upload
    • Include its info below the images. This info includes: name of the artist (if known), title, date, and medium. 
    • Include a properly formatted citation and link to the artwork you selected as well as the other sources you accessed.

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