Globalization and Feminist Activism

 Globalization and Feminist Activism by Mary E. Hawkesworth. Rowman& Littlefield, 20 Review of chapter4 Please talk with me first then start with it. Example: Us vs. Them 1.Growing fears in the Western world Created a powerful divide that takes many forms 2.Few believe globalization is making the world better 6% in U.S., 4% in Germany and Britain, and 3% in France Global elites ignore vulnerabilities of globalization 3.Who are the winners and losers? Related to the changing environments Economic Insecurity 1.Middle class is shrinking in U.S. Bottom 50% incomes static, top 0.001% up 636% 2.TNC’s compete in a race for efficiency Automation, Tax Shelters 3.Automation to make many jobs obsolete Large percentage left behind are out of luck 4.Massive U.S. military budget edges other countries to cyberspace

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