Higher Education Leadership Students Li, A. Y. (2017). Dramatic declines in higher education appropriations: State conditions for budget punctuations.

Higher Education Leadership Students

Li, A. Y. (2017). Dramatic declines in higher education

appropriations: State conditions for budget punctuations. Research

in Higher Education, 58(4), 395-429.

Compose a 2 page paper with the following components:

1. Introduction to the issue
2. State your position on the issue.

1. Provide a rationale for your position.

3. Reflect on your current or future role as an educational leader.

1. Identify a professional role in the field of
education that might encounter this issue.

2. Imagine yourself in that role and respond to the
following questions:

1. Who is impacted the most by
your position on this issue?

2. How will you communicate
your position, and what
factors are important to
consider in your message, so
they understand and support
the rationale for your position?

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