History Part I This week we discussed how most colonists did not want to sever ties with England, but did want


Part I

This week we discussed how most colonists did not want to sever ties with England, but did want change; there was no clear goal. I gave you many readings this week, and most of those had elements of the Enlightenment Era in them. The Enlightenment Era was an intellectual movement that began in Europe around the mid 1600s and was the theory behind many recognizable terms including “all men are created equal,” “equal protection under the law,” etc. 

For this discussion board, I want to see you analyze various thoughts and motivations of groups invovled in the American Revolution and how they might have been influenced by the Enlightenment era. So: 

Do a quick google search and locate an enlightenment quote you like. The quote can be one sentence, or can be an idea or even a full paragraph. Then argue how it is the best fit for one of the various motivations for a group involved in the early parts of the American Revolution. So, you should have a thesis statement like “this quote from Locke xxxxx (or Voltaire, Henry, the Dec. of Independence, etc.) illustrates how enslaved (or poor whites, elite whites, the British, loyalists, patriots, etc.) might have felt in the midst of the late 18th century and the start of the American Revolution.” Your quote and what group it represents should be clearly stated. 

Try to challenge your analysis with this DB. Meaning, you could say Patrick Henry’s speech and say it applies to Patriots… but who else might have resonated with those words? The idea here is to show how Enlightenment ideals were pretty universal. (BTW, now you cannot use Henry’s speech for patriot colonists since it was the example used!)

Part 2

In chapter three we read about Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society, which is still in existence today!  On p.69 of our textbook, the authors describe that the society “had been founded in 1815 to promote American performances of music by Europe’s ‘eminent composers’.” Follow this link to the “about” section of their website: 

Boston’s Baroque and Classical Music Society – Handel and Haydn Society 
and read their current mission!

After visiting the organization’s website, describe how the society’s original mission from 1815 resembles its current activities and how it differs. Finally describe what you feel is the value of such an organization!

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