Include at least two reference . Your answer should be

 Include at least two reference . Your answer  should be APA compliant.   250 words for each question.

Question 1

 Explain what it means by IT and business alignment and provide some real-life examples. What is the role of an IT strategic plan in this regard? 

 Question 2.

Assess an IT organization you are familiar with using the Balanced Scorecard approach. Be sure to (1) address at least one hypothetical goal, measure and target for each of the four perspectives (financial, customers, etc.) in tabular format and (2) draw or sketch out a dashboard for your scorecard. Include a brief narrative (at least two sentences) explaining your specific scorecard as it relates to the organization. (Minimum length = 200 words)

Before starting, you may want to view the following two videos first . . . both videos are on YouTube

Balanced Scorecard Animation

Strategic Planning with the Balanced Scorecard

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