Incorporating quality into a product is not an easily managed

Incorporating quality into a product is not an easily managed element of project management. Several topics from many discipline areas, such as software engineering, play a role in this aspect of projects. How can the project manager keep track of the quality of the process? When should the project manager sacrifice quality to keep the project on track? Is quality only a concern for the project manager? Provide a rationale to support your answer. What are some of the drawbacks that may hinder the successful performance of the project in accordance to the baseline plan that may arise from strict quality standards?

Risk is associated with every endeavor. It is the responsibility of the project manager to consider risk and its effect on the project. Part of the project manager’s job is to anticipate possibilities that may be quite remote. What is the role of risk assessment in project management? Where do you think the project manager should draw the line when creating a risk register? When should the project manager stop creating a “Plan B,” a “Plan C,” or even a “Plan D”? Justify your answers

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