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A research paper will provide you with an opportunity to process what you’ve learned in class and will allow you to explore one topic in information security in depth. This class breaks the research paper into 3 related submissions. Choose a topic from the list below. You may choose a topic that’s not on that list as long as it’s approved in advance by me. Once you choose a topic, you must write about the same topic for all 3 related submissions.


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so you are aware of the instructor’s expectations and how research papers will be graded.

Submissions will be scored for plagiarism by TurnItIn so make sure you put the paper in your own words. Unfortunately, TurnItIn does not offer a student interface to check you work before submitting. However, if you do a Google search for “free plagiarism checker”, you’ll find a few options that you can use if you’d like.

Possible Topics:

· Cybersecurity Frameworks

· Social Engineering

· IoT Security Threats and Safeguards

· Threats to Information Assets

· Cloud Security

· Identity and Access Management

· Multi-factor Authentication

· Blockchain (with a focus on security)

· Industrial Control Systems

· Ransomware

· Cyber Warfare

· Careers in Information Security

Part 1

Part 1 should be an overview of your topic. You can include things like:

· Overview of the topic

· History of the topic

· How did it come to be created?

· What problems was it created to solve?

· Who discovered/created it?

· What is its intended purpose?


· Minimum of 1,000 words

· Font size 12, Times New Roman

· Bibliography and other supplemental materials do not count towards the word count

You do not need a title page, but you must fully document your sources in
APA format

including in-text citations. You must select high-quality research sources. If you have any questions about whether a source is “high-quality”, please ask me before you rely on it. You may choose to use any format that you choose for your research paper so long as it is easily readable.

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