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Note: Please refrain from using ambiguous and repetitive language, ASSIGNMENT MUST NOT READ LIKE IT IS AI GENERATED.


Look in the news and identify a recent story (last 6 months) that you feel both of your minors
(LOGISTICS/MILITARY STUDIES) could speak to. This could be an opinion or a news story, but it must come from a reputable source. (If you aren’t sure about what you find, ask your instructor for help, or start reading headlines from major news outlets like CNN, BBC, NPR, WSJ…).  

Now, look back at your short paper from last week. Think about what each of your two disciplines (Logistics/Military Studies) has to say about this topic. Think about some commonalities and some differences.


Write a dialogue between two people about the story you selected. A dialogue is a type of writing that is not far from a play. Rather than providing one voice, you will provide at least two, one character for each of your disciplines. Each discipline will have something interesting to say about the topic—sometimes they will agree, but sometimes they will disagree. Although your dialogue will have at least two people in it—one for each discipline—you may include more. For example, you could add a third voice that is a student who is trying to understand the topic, or a person ‘in the middle’ who each discipline is trying to persuade. Alternatively, you might find that one of your disciplines does not speak with one voice, and so you might have an extra disciplinary expert.

Your dialogue should be no more than 5 pages in length, double-spaced. You should give your characters names, but also highlight which discipline they represent. Write in dialogue form, such as the following:

Josh (Philosophy): [Insert what ‘Josh’ says here]

Sharon (English): [Insert ‘Sharon’s’ reply here]

As you write your dialogue, remember to employee more than mere agreement or disagreement. Look at the list of ‘reasoning moves’ in our discussion posts. Use some of these in your dialogue.

40 pts

Full Marks

The two disciplinary perspectives are distinct

40 pts

Full Marks

The dialogue engages with a contemporary story/issue in a plausible way, applying concepts, theories, and methods of the two disciplines.

20 pts

Full Marks

The assignment reads like a dialogue rather than a mere list of applications.

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