Javascript DOM, functions, methods and events – Personal Homepage JS

  Javascript DOM, functions, methods and events – Personal Homepage JS
Due Dates:
HW is due prior to the start of the next class.
 Set up an HTML page using the basic page elements.
 Be able to use HTML5 semantic elements to structure a web page.
 Properly use images, lists, headings and semantic elements.
 Successfully use CSS to style and modify the appearance of page and the elements
contained within.
Basic Requirements
 Properly use and indent all tags.
 Set up page with <html>, <head> and <body> tags.
Assignment Details
Using the your previously created homepage, add a few elements of Javascript to the
page. You may use elements that were discussed in the lecture, or you may also
research other javascript functionality and include those in your site, AS LONG AS YOU
Submit your assignment
1. Combine all work files into a zip folder (include all HTML, CSS, font, and image files).
Keep the file structure the same as it was when you were working on the
2. Submit the zip folder via desire2learn in the appropriate Assignment folder in order
to receive credit. While you may also submit screenshots, you are required to
submit the actual code files, not just screenshots of the code. 

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