My topic is Police Brutality Message from my Professor “

My topic is Police Brutality

Message from my Professor ” given the nature and highly toxic way this topic has been portraited I will not except emotionally charged unsupported research. As a researcher in a graduate level course I expect unbiased research from my students not emotional rants”

Select a research topic (Police Brutaility) that you are interested in but also one that is feasable. What are the research question (s) is/are you would like to answer?  Find something that is specific and that has concepts that can be measured.

Complete a Short 2-3 page summary of your research topic.  This assignment can form the basis for the introduction to your Research Paper Proposal. Introduce the topic, discuss why you think research is needed and develop some research questions you would like answered as part of your study. This is essentially the WHAT and WHY part of your paper.  WHAT do you want to study or explore and WHY does it need to be studied?

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