point commentary checklist

Discipline: Veterinary

Type of Paper: Question-Answer

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Clearing intersections
Scan ahead look left right and then left again check mirrors
Why- keeps you alive at intersections

When stopped in traffic
Keep one car length between my front bumper and car ahead of me
Why-to have an escape route

Count 1-2-3 after car ahead begins moving
Establishes a space cushion and my eyes to be up
Why- keeps you away from billboard

4 to 6 seconds of following time for speeds up to 30 6 to 8 seconds for speeds over 30
Allows me not to fix it on vehicle ahead and creates my following distance
Why- buys time

8 to 12 seconds of eye lead time
The distance at which my eyes are to maintain.. keeps eyes ahead of wheels
Why- center's car and traffic

Scan steering wheels
To see if vehicle is occupied and to make adjustments if it is
Why- take path of least resistance

Stale green lights
A light I did not see change so I need to establish a point of decision
Why-smooth stops and turns

Eye contact
Communicate in traffic with horn lights and signals
Why- establishes eye to eye contact

Pulling away from curb
Check left mirror look over left shoulder turn on left signal check left shoulder again
Why- communicate in traffic horn lights and signals

Use of mirrors and gauges
Roll up thumb check each mirror every five to eight seconds
Why- keeps eyes ahead of vehicle