(SOLVED) Determine the age and developmental stage and how that impacts the child related to the safety concern.

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  1. Determine the age and developmental stage and how that impacts the child related to the safety concern.
  2. Describe why you believe the safety education you chose will benefit the pediatric population. Who do you believe is the target age range for this specific educational teaching?
  3. Describe at least three nursing diagnoses related to the incident you are providing teaching to prevent. Support your choices with rationales citing 1-2 scholarly sources.

Expert solution paper

Toddlers and pre schoolers are considered to be at high risk for fall ,injury or any type of accidents. Particularly age group between 2yrs and 5 yrs are highly prone for injury. At this age as a part of development, the child likes to explore the entire world around them and they act without thinking.They are very active and inquisitive by nature in this stage. These children at most of the time are unaware of the effect or consequences for their actions. They overrate their control. mechanism which makes them highly vulnerable, sometimes leading to life threatening situations.


A study on childhood unintentional injuries states that one third of childhood deaths are due to unintentional injuries of the children in the age group of toddler and pre schooler.. It is also stated that the leading causes of death were motor vehicle crashes, drowning, fire and burns. As safety of the children in these age group is a big concern, Safety education for the children in these age group specifically their parents is considered to be highly important. I believe in two things, one thing is that these injuries happens as the child is highly curious and adventurous by nature. Another one is ignorance of the parents about these developmental factors and their consequences. So safety education creates an awareness among the parents to protect their children from injuries or any type of accidents. Another study on effectiveness of educational interventions on the knowledge of mothers on prevention of these accidents revealed that there is a increase in the level of knowledge of the mothers regarding prevention of childhood accidents than earlier. It is so obvious that safety education can prevent occurence of childhood injuries.


Nursing diagnosis includes


Risk for injury related to developmental factors, unsafe environment.


Risk for poisoning related to children being unaware of the consequences of their action and unprotected environment.


Parental deficient knowledge regarding developmental stages, childhood injuries and importance of safety measures.