Part 2 is a scenario. You have an athlete that

 Part 2 is a scenario. You have an athlete that has been diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder. Research this injury and create a table that includes 2 preventative and 2 rehabilitative exercises that list sets, reps, times per week, and 1 progression for each exercise. Please cite at least one credible source to support your recommendations. For purposes of this assignment, preventative exercises are pre-injury and should be multi joint while the rehabilitative exercises should be post-injury single-joint exercises (not stretches). Further, the progression exercises should be an advanced movement (not just a change in volume or intensity) that builds on the skill of the initial exercise. For example, a preventative exercise could be a supine body row, while the progression could be a pull-up. Lastly, include a video of you or a volunteer performing two of the exercises (1 preventative and 1 rehabilitative) and explain the setup, execution, and common faults you might expect. 

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