Please read the article Link to article: Links to

Please read the article Link to article:  Links to an external site.about the “Berlin Patient” who was cured of HIV infection with a bone marrow transplant and provide a summary of the article. This question pertains to biotechnology, as discussed in the Ch. 26 module. 

This is an additional article:   Links to an external site. Links to an external site.Do not write a summary of this article, but you may read it for additional information. If you use it in this way for your paragraph, please cite it. 

  • Include an explanation of HIV and AIDS, as well as an explanation of bone marrow transplantation in your summary. You should do some independent research on those topics.
  • Discuss in your own words whether this treatment could hold promise for other patients, and what the limitations might be?


Please read the instructions carefully before attempting to answer. Please check out the Q and A for Discussion Question 4. Here, you can post questions to me and your peers, in order to get assistance on how to best answer the question.

You must post an answer that is your original words. Do not copy and paste any information from the internet to answer the question. You should reference external material, however, and you would do well to paraphrase your source/s with correct citations. Please limit your answer to 500 words or less. Your textbook is a great resource and could be cited as: Mader, S. S., Windelspecht, M., 2017, Inquiry into Life (16th ed.; Relevancy Update): Boston, MA, McGraw-Hill. Please do cite the article: to an external site.

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