Presentation on Health Care Regulations on IT Systems

 Week 3
Operations play a critical role in the success of a healthcare organization. It includes the management of daily activities, which for the healthcare IT departments includes maintaining the security of their systems and the privacy of their patients.  

Envision yourself as a consultant to a large healthcare facility. The board of directors is planning an expansion of the facility’s IT infrastructure. You have been hired to create a report detailing major regulatory requirements impacting security and privacy. 

Review the following regulatory requirements. 

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Public Health Law
  • Use Microsoft® PowerPoint® or any other presentation software to create a least a 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes (note that introductory and reference slides do not count toward meeting the 12-slide requirement) explaining how any of these requirements could impact the following. Be sure to review my comments in the announcements concerning assignments with a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Summarize requirements on health care IT systems related to privacy and security. 
  • · List the specific law for each requirement. 
  • Describe regulatory requirements or best practices for technical safeguards for healthcare IT systems, including access control, audit control, integrity control, and transmission security. 
  • · Describe regulatory requirements or best practices for physical safeguards for healthcare IT systems, including facility access and workstation security. 
  • Discuss the impact of different regulations on the design of healthcare IT systems, roles in the IT department, and its overall operations. 
  • Describe best practices for administrative safeguards, including information access management. 

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