Q1. a) Come up with an example where you are

Q1. a) Come up with an example where you are a project manager and are responsible for the overall project. In this project you need to explain the process framework and in each phase explain what is happening (Initiating, Planning… etc.). Assuming it is an ideal environment explain what are the roles of development team, senior management and functional manager in this project and how they can assist you?

Q1. b) Assuming the project is not going well. What are the tools and techniques that can be used to analyze how the project is not going according to the plan?

Q2. You are given a project. Using the Integration Management (Chapter 4) knowledge area explain from start till end how you will be carrying out the project. Your example should include the following:

1. Why your project is beneficial to the company (can be any example)

2. How is Project Charter developed and the key factors used (no need to explain numeric values like BCR, EVA etc.)

3. Cover all processes covered in chapter 4 and what work is done by you being a project manager in each process for your project

Note: Make sure you are following the agile methodologies talked about relevant to this course.

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