Report #2: Industry Analysis Using a coherent model and strong

Report #2: Industry Analysis

Using a coherent model and strong research, describe the industry in which this

organization operates. Use one of three models: Porter’s Five Forces, Griffin, or


If you were to use, for example, Porter’s Five Forces, your Industry Analysis would

likely include well-analyzed and well-written information in all of the following areas:

A. Intensity of Rivalry/Industry Competitors

B. Threat of Substitutes

C. Bargaining Power of Buyers

D. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

E. Threat of New Entrants/Barriers to Entry

A good review of Porter’s Five Forces can be found at

If you use SWOT or SWOTT:

Strengths and Weaknesses—Internal to the Company

Opportunities and Threats (and Trends)—External to the Company

There is no specific template for this assignment as the final format depends on the model

that you choose. Please choose the best model that applies to your industry – i.e. do not

use more than one model.

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