Skills building 3

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Analyze a social worker’s approach to a child abuse case, considering missed
opportunities and the application of social work ethics and values.

• Review Brandon’s case in the Social Work Case Studies interactive media in the
Learning Resources.

• Reflect on the social worker’s actions and how you would approach the case.

Write a 2- to 4-page paper in which you review the approach taken by the social worker
in Brandon’s case.

• Identify how the social worker might have used the ecological model to
understand Brandon’s situation based on a person-in-environment perspective.
Explain the use of the ecological model in this case on micro, mezzo, and macro

• Describe strengths that the social worker may have missed in assessing Brandon
and his mother.

• Explain how the social worker applied social work ethics and values in the case.
• Review the challenges that the social worker identifies and explain the impact the

abuse could have had on Brandon had his strengths not been identified and

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