Social Injustice Instructions: Please post 2 peer responses. In the response post, include the following: · Respectfully share your own perspectives and ideas

Social Injustice


Please post 2 peer responses.

In the response post, include the following:

· Respectfully share your own perspectives and ideas with classmates you may disagree with.

· Add new ideas to the discussion instead of just agreeing that something in the reading was interesting or reiterating what others said in the discussion.

· Find an additional source online or in the library that adds a new perspective to what has already been said.

· Offer an opposing viewpoint that is supported by facts and research.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Estimated time to complete response posts: 2 hours

Discussion Post Unit 6: Social Injustice

The role pop culture has played in promoting social justice is the ability to bring hope and optimism to people during tough times. Decades have gone by that have been led by tragic events such as wars, deaths, and the depression. Pop culture has always brought us stories that give hope through characters that win at life.  Having the ability to reach millions of people through movies, television, and now social media allows pop culture to play an important role in the lives of many. 

There are several characters throughout the time that have played roles that give hope to the people who are desperately looking for someone to save them from negative events happening in society. Characters such as Captain America, Superman, and Batman scour the pages of comic books, big screen, and even cartoons on television. These characters are portrayed as saving the less unfortunate people which hits home for many. 

The one example that I would like to add is someone who influences millions of people through social media Joyce Meyers. Joyce Meyers is a minister, Bible teacher, and New York Times best-selling author. Joyce uses her down-to-earth funny communication style teaching others the word of God and how it applies to everyday life. Joyce has used her testimony to share a story of how you can rise from the bottom of a dark pit and find God who will instill peace, joy, and love in your life. (Joyce Myers Ministries 2024). She represents an everyday person who was saved by a hero which in turn influences others to want to know God. Joyce is everywhere, on social media, in books, and on television spreading the word to all who will listen. 

I do believe people with a large pop culture following have a responsibility to act responsibly and honestly. People look up to these influencers for guidance and relief from what is happening in society. It would be heartbreaking to find out everything they stand for was a lie. 


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Pop culture has a profound influence in advocating for social justice, serving as a vehicle for raising awareness and sparking crucial conversations. Through music, films, television shows, and art, pop culture has illuminated pressing social issues, challenging stereotypes, and amplifying marginalized voices. Icons like  Lamar and Ava DuVernay have used their platforms to address systemic inequalities, inspiring activism and prompting societal change. Novels like “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas have provided insight into the Black Lives Matter movement, encouraging empathy and understanding among audiences. 

One impacting time where pop culture significantly promoted social justice and raised awareness of an issue is through Marvel Studios’ blockbuster film “Black Panther” (2018). This movie, directed by Ryan Coogler, has shattered box office records but also became a cultural phenomenon. “Black Panther” challenged traditional Hollywood norms by presenting a predominantly Black cast in powerful and multifaceted roles, empowering Black representation on screen. Also, the film addressed themes of identity, colonialism, and the importance of African heritage, sparking conversations about systemic racism and the global Black experience. By showcasing a technologically advanced African nation untouched by colonialism, “Black Panther” provided a vision of Afrofuturism, fostering a sense of pride and possibility among Black audiences worldwide. Through its immense popularity and positive reception, the film boosted discussions on racial equality, amplifying the importance of diverse representation in media and contributing to broader social change.

As people say “influence comes with great responsibility”, and I think that people with an important pop culture following indeed carry an ethical obligation to promote positive messages in their work. Their reach extends to millions, shaping opinions, behaviors, and societal norms. Therefore, their choices in content creation can profoundly impact their audience, influencing attitudes toward various social, cultural, and ethical issues. So, leveraging their platform to advocate for constructive values and ideals can contribute to a more enlightened and compassionate society.

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