This unit lesson focuses on evaluating residual risk. Identify an

This unit lesson focuses on evaluating residual risk.  Identify an ergonomic hazard with which you are familiar.  The hazard can be work-related or present within your home.  Discuss the level of risk you believe is associated with the hazard.  Also, discuss what can be (or has been) done to minimize or eliminate the risk.   



My wife recently started a new job where she works from home. Before this, she worked at a facility where she stood all day. After the first week of her new job, she was experiencing lower back and shoulder pain. We attributed this to the fact that she was not used to sitting at a desk all day typing on the computer. Using some of the ergonomics background that I gained from previous ergonomics classes at CSU I determined the desk and chair we had at home for her to work at did not fit her properly. The chair did not have adequate back support for her, and the arm rests were too far apart. Additionally, she had to raise the chair to comfortably reach her keyboard. This caused her feet to not be flat on the floor but rather her toes were the only part of her feet touching the ground. Based on the risk assessment matrix we have been using in this course. I would give this a risk level of medium to high. To fix the issue and resolve her back and shoulder pain we bought a desk and chair that better fit her body type.

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