To begin, choose three types of families from the list

To begin, choose  three types of families from the list below.

Keep in mind the  role as an  early childhood professional who does anti-bias work involves you in  teaching the children with whom you work to respect and understand all  kinds of families without over-generalizing or stereotyping.

3 family types chosen:

1) Transnational Families

2) Gay/Lesbian-headed families

3) One or more family members incarcerated

  • Consider the various resources that you might draw on to develop a  deeper understanding about the specific challenges faced by this type of  family including stereotypes/misconceptions held by society in general  or at individual levels. Conduct a brief investigation by looking for  local and/or national organizations, support groups, publications, and  online resources that might be available to expand awareness about this  kind of family. Take note of the resources that you feel would be  particularly helpful to teachers committed to anti-bias work and  effective early childhood practice. For each resource, indicate whether  it would be helpful to early childhood professionals, families, or both.  Justify your ideas.
  • Reference the textbook and your additional resources, summarize your insights.
  • Locate three key strategies that might be used to help  adults and/or children understand each other’s families with more  respect.

For this assignment,  you will address all of the components listed above for each of the  three family types 

Consider the following prompts:

  • What insights have you gained this week with regard to specific  categories of families that foster your anti-bias work with adults and  children?
  • What misconceptions or assumptions of yours, if any, were dispelled?
  • What resources did you find to be invaluable?
  • What qualities and skills do you already possess that might help  you to positively support and communicate with every child’s unique  family?

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