Website Review: Your task in this assignment is to perform

  Website Review: 

Your task in this assignment is to perform a usability evaluation of an existing e-commerce Website. The assignment should be between 8 – 10 pages each. Including images is highly encouraged to demonstrate the usability issues within the site.  

Use the following points as guidelines when writing the Website Review:

  • System      Identification: What Website are you evaluating? What is its main      purpose, and what are the target users? 
  • Tasks and      Activities: As an evaluation participant, what are you trying to      complete with the system? Be sure to identify at least three use cases.      Upon identification, complete each identification path you are trying to      identify, including the strengths and weaknesses of each task and      activity.
  • Metrics: As      much as possible, use measurable criteria as you’ve read in the Preece      text. Identify those methods you’ve applied in your review of the Website.
  • Application: Using the Nielsen 10 heuristics for      usability design, explain how each task      can be improved.
  • Assessment: Recommend five changes the Website platform selected      can make to improve its usability posture.


You have evaluated an e-commerce Website during the Website Review Assignment, which likely has several usability flaws. For this assignment, you are to recreate a single wireframe based on the Website you’ve reviewed with your team. In this wireframe, you are to include the following critical elements: 

  • Header 
  • Footer 
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Consistent Font/Size Ratio
  • Appropriate Color Scheme (for those requiring      accessibility needs)
  • Example of text layout
  • Example of image layout
  • Example of use of form element inclusion (i.e., button,      fields, etc.)

In addition to creating the Wireframe, you are to prepare a brief summary that explains the changes you’ve made from the Website Review Assignment to the current Wireframe. Please be as specific as possible in applying the terminology you’ve learned throughout the course. 

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