week 8

CLED 830

Research Profile Assignment Instructions


The purpose of this assignment is to create a research profile to use as a discussion tool for interaction with the research mentor and reader in order to create understanding and summarize your research study design.


The Research Profile will include the following information in approximately
4-8 single-spaced pages and will follow APA style requirements with the exception that it will be single-spaced rather than double-spaced.

Proposed Title: A short but descriptive title of the research of no more than fifteen (15) words.

Research Problem and Gap: A brief one to two paragraph description of the research topic that identifies the subject and the concern needing to be studied (this description forms the research problem).

Research Purpose Statement: This is a single sentence statement of the objective or intent of the research. It is the larger question that study will seek to answer.

Research Questions: Designed to divide the research topic into several sub-problems, research questions provide researchable questions that will be answered through the research design and reported on in the

Delimitations of the Research: Delimitations are the boundaries of the study and define what will and will not be studied.

Research Population: All individuals, groups, or subjects of interest to the researcher and that share something in common and will be the focus of the study.

Research Sample(s) and Sampling Technique: Describes the research participants from the population of interest that will be included in the study and how they will be selected for the study.

Proposed Methodological Design: Briefly, describes how the study will be conducted and what approach will be used in the study design.

Proposed Instrumentation: Describes any intended research tools such as surveys, tests, interviews, inventories or other means of collecting data.

Limitations of Generalization: This is the range of appropriate applications of the findings based on the sample and populations and the outcomes of the research.

Research Competencies to Conduct Study: To conduct the research, this section describes the competencies the researcher must attain personally or for which the research must seek out in supporting consultants.

Precedent Literature: A list of 10 or more critically essential sources relevant to the research.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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