Your identity consists of multiple dimensions, which we might also


Your identity consists of multiple dimensions, which we might also  call group memberships. Some of the most salient of these identities  include your race, ethnicity, gender, social class, sexuality, physical  and mental ability, nationality, and/or religion. Take a look at The diversity wheel (Links to an external site.)  for a visual representation of all of the identities you might  potentially have. Those at the center of the circle usually have the  greatest impact on one’s life chances and are most immediately visible  to the rest of society.

For this journal assignment, you will explore your own identities by addressing the following:

  • Considering at least three of your core identities, give an example of how each impacts (or is noticeable in) your daily life.
  • Of the identities you listed above, which has contributed most to  your overall identity?  Does the identity you feel is most significant  in your life vary depending on the social context you may be in? In  other words, does the identity you feel is most important vary  throughout the day depending on the social situation you are in? Be sure  to explain why or why not.
  • Thinking about these three identities, do you feel that your  membership in these groups leads you to experience certain privileges or  certain inequalities in our society? Give examples of these privileges  and/or inequalities.

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